Finding the right treating solution to remove impurities from hydrocarbon streams is a challenging task for any refiner but thanks to Merichem Process Technologies extensive experience and commitment to innovation, treating gaseous and liquid hydrocarbons can be efficient, economical and clean. Merichem Process Technologies combines superior engineering know-how and outstanding technical service to provide solutions that help refiners worldwide produce high quality products more efficiently. With more than 35 years licensing experience, Merichem is the industry leader due to its unparalleled focus, timeliness, performance flexibility, and ability to provide an economical single-source solution. To date, Merichem Process Technologies has granted over 900 licenses across the globe to operate various technology offerings.

Introduced in 1974, the FIBER FILM® Contactor is the foundation for a variety of caustic, amine and acid treating processes. Merichem Processes using FIBER FILM® Contactors have been licensed worldwide and successfully applied to treating problems throughout the hydrocarbon processing industries. One of the most common applications of FIBER FILM® Contactor technology is in caustic treatment, an essential part of hydrocarbon processing for impurity removal. Merichem’s FIBER FILM® Contactor technology achieves non-dispersive phase contact without the problems inherent in conventional dispersive mixing devices.

Customer Value Proposition

Merichem Process Technologies is the worldwide leading licensor of technologies and supplier of engineering and modularized equipment solutions for caustic treating light and middle distillate hydrocarbons to remove H2S, CO2, COS, RSH and/or naphthenic acids.

These technologies are proprietary and are licensed to our end-users. Engineering and equipment are provided to meet the customer’s project implementation needs. This is done in a professional project environment that meets the end-user’s specifications.

The Merichem Difference Merichem Process Technologies is differentiated by our customers for:

– Single Source
– Focused
– Timely
– Flexibility of Platform

Single Source

Providing a single source treating solution that combines the process license with process and mechanical guarantees on all designs and equipment, as well as spent caustic management services.


A fully dedicated Sales, Technical Services and R&D support staff whose is expertise is focused on caustic and amine treating and spent caustic management. This leads to more personalized service since Merichem Process Technologies does not delve into a host of other technologies offered by the larger licensors.

Having a fully dedicated technical services staff whose expertise is focused on the subject of wet treating and spent caustic management.


Responding to client’s timing needs during the project conceptual development. Responding to clients needs whether it is for fast project delivery schedules or short notice technical services visits.

Flexibility of Platform

Having the ability and willingness to fabricate and supply equipment from many countries around the world.

Having modularization expertise that is based on shop ownership and over 30 years in the fabrication business.

Minimizing investments by using existing equipment and retrofitting with the FIBER FILM® Contactor to update and expand existing treating systems.

Willingness and experience to design and fabricate to customer’s specific design and construction standards.